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Tessera Island - A tokenisation project of $14.5 m value

The island of Tessera in the Venice lagoon will be tokenized on the fintech platform Elviria. A development project worth over $14.5 million

The island of Tessera, once a military garrison of the Republic of Venice, located opposite the island of Murano and with a splendid view of the Campanile and the Basilica of Piazza San Marco in Venice, will be tokenised on Elviria, an alternative investment platform under Swiss law operating through the blockchain.

Elviria's cutting-edge technology enables the tokenisation of almost any asset or financial product, as well as its distribution. Elviria is a private primary market that helps investors to select the best opportunities in the alternative investment space, but also helps issuers to showcase and raise capital in an institutional manner.

Elviria has structured the tokenisation and sale of tokens to raise the $14.5 million among investors needed to purchase the island.

A great innovation of Elvira is the possibility to switch from tokens to a traditional form of investment directly in the platform for all those investors who prefer a more conventional method of investment.

The tokens, which in turn can be purchased in both currency and cryptocurrency, can be issued as FTs or as individual NFTs.

Elviria is blockchain agnostic and allows tokens to be issued according to standard protocols from a choice of Ethereum, Binance, Polygon or Avalanche.

The tokenisation process proposed by Elviria also allows tokens to be listed on secondary markets that have partnered with Elviria.

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