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Toonie - Where local Communities come first!

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Toonie supports local businesses with a vouchering and payment platform that allows goods and money to be exchanged free of charge and in real time, focusing on the area's daily economy.

Is globalisation really the answer to all problems?

The answer is definitely no. The centralisation and globalisation of services definitely reduces the cost of goods but to the detriment of local economies and communities.

Small shops, as well as bars and restaurants, have always had the problem of advertising themselves to the public because of budget constraints and lack of experience in marketing.

It is not always the case that excelling at one's profession means knowing how to promote oneself, even more so when one has to compete with international giants.

The advent of chains and large online marketplaces has exacerbated this problem, in fact creating a competition problem that seems without solution.

Why Toonie can be the solution?

The solution is a platform that creates inclusion and services for the core users of the local community ecosystem.

A simple App that connects, without technological difficulties, consumers with small local businesses but also has value in the development and maintenance of the community.

Toonie supports local businesses with a platform that allows you to create coupons and at the same time functions as a no-cost payment system. An App that allows goods and money to be exchanged for free and in real time, leaving traders time to focus on their business without distracting them with activities they are not confident in.

Toonie has no geographical boundaries but at the same time is strongly geolocalised. A tool created to serve local communities that can be replicated worldwide.

Competitors could be countless, from payment systems to credit cards, from vouchering platforms to e-commerce solutions, but none of them offer an integrated solution designed to serve social inclusion at zero cost and to support local economies crucial to the survival of essential services.

Toonie's go-to-market strategy is to offer key players in local communities (such as schools, associations, public administration, parishes, etc.) communication tools, e-commerce services, real-time payments and donation collection at no cost.

Communities and people connected to them will also be able to take advantage of free services dedicated to them, while merchants will be able to offer discount vouchers or products with a monthly subscription at a negligible cost.

But how does it really work?

Let's imagine a charity that needs to distribute services to its members, collect payments and donations but also communicate with its members.


The a charity can create vouchers for its services and publish them on the App. The association will benefit from a multi-currency wallet.

Members can now see what is published, communicate with the charity and buy or donate according to what is published.

The charity receives the payment in its wallet without any effort but at the same time maintains the relationship with its members through an internal messaging system.

No cost for the charity, not even the cost of receiving payments.


With Toonie they can communicate with each other, exchange money thanks to the integrated multi-currency wallet and even use the App as an exchange market when they decide to sell something used that they no longer need.

Very interestingly, they will also know what deals local shops, restaurants and bars are offering.

A great way to get to know their community while saving money by taking advantage of the best discounts.

No cost here either.


Thanks to Toonie they will be able to publish their coupons, receive payments and communicate with a client base they considered already lost.

For just a few euros per month, they will benefit from a new advertising system, e-commerce and POS, all included in the subscription.

Just a few minutes to create the voucher and then Toonie takes care of the promotion.

Definitely a revolution in the way of understanding local communities.

Toonie will launch its services in November 2021 in Switzerland and in January 2022 in Italy and the UK.

Toonie has recently started a capital raise to finance its growth. If you are interested in supporting this initiative you can register on the Elviria platform or contact


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